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Fatal Stabbing in Clinton

April 16, 2017 WorcesterMA 0

Wow if there’s a place I’d think was safe from fatal stabbings it would be called the Scooby Doo Bar. Sad news.

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Boston Marathon

April 13, 2017 WorcesterMA 0

It wasn’t that long ago that women were thought to be “too weak” to run the Boston Marathon.

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J. Geils has passed away

April 11, 2017 WorcesterMA 0

Sad news – Worcester WPI attendee J. Geils has passed away in Groton MA at the age of 71. I loved his songs!

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morning yoga

February 26, 2017 WorcesterMA 0

My morning yoga with my daffodils. It was a little nippy out today, but still, this weather for February in Massachusetts is unseasonably warm. We […]