Worcester Massachusetts City Hall Interior

Worcester Massachusetts City Hall Interior

The City Hall building in Worcester Massachusetts was built in 1898 in the style of buildings in Florence, Italy. There is a lot of marble used in its interior. There’s an open interior area, around the stairwell, which has a lovely balcony with arches.

The lowest level of city hall – the ‘basement’ – used to house a beautiful bi-monthly art photography exhibit. It currently seems to be used as a storage location for moving dollies.

The first floor (ground floor) has a small shop and some offices.

The second floor has the clerk and other services.

The third floor has meeting rooms.

There are currently on display two of the dolls from the “We Are Worcester” doll exhibit. One represents Ireland while the other represents the Dominican Republic. Both groups have a large population in Worcester.

I was sad that I couldn’t find any label for the large gorgeous mural on the third floor. I was there on Cinco de Mayo, so maybe it was a temporary exhibit just for Cinco de Mayo? Even so, I would have hoped it would be labelled. I had to do a bunch of googling to track down that this is “Amor Hasta La Muerte” in honor of Día de los Muertos by artist Victor “MARKA27” Quiñonez.

Ask with any questions!

I recorded the drive from the Auburn-Worcester city line to the Worcester City Hall, which took me through Kelley Square (the Kelley Peanut) –

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