Kevin Can F*** Himself – Season 2 Episode 3 – Worcester Massachusetts Scenes and References

Kevin Can F*** Himself

This is the first episode I watched since the ‘big change’ I experienced after watching Season 2 Episodes 1 and 2. I now have a different perspective on the series. I’ve sadly accepted that the show gave the short straw to Worcester Massachusetts as a location and doesn’t care one whit about us. I also sadly have accepted that the show doesn’t seem to care much about battered women either and treats them as comedy material. If anything, it’s Neil who has really impressed me – the actor, at least – with the power he brought to his role.

So it’s sort of with resignation that I push on with episode 3.

I can’t express how tired I am of every single Kevin scene. There is zero need for them. We know he’s a jerk. He just keeps being a jerk. The show would be so much better if we didn’t waste all this valuable screen space on him just doing stupid things. It adds zero.

Allison’s latest bizarre scheme is to kill herself off to get away from Kevin, because somehow she thinks he’s a super-sleuth who will track her down. Clearly he is incapable of that. I suppose she’s also worried that her beyond-stupid hitman plot will get figured out, but does she really think in our modern day and age that a fake name is going to fool the police for more than a day or two? So again, she is just as stupid sitcommy as Kevin is.

We have some gorgeous buildings at the 306 Main Street Brockton MA area when we get to the funeral home. This is the Gardner J. Kingman House – a stunning historic brick building. You can also see the surrounding buildings in the scene of them walking there.

The cemetery also seems to be in Brockton.

I’m not sure where the bar is in the flashback – does anybody know?

And then we’re just back to the Kevin / Allison house.

I’m finally starting to feel some compassion for Allison as she becomes more ‘authentic’ near the end here. I wish it hadn’t taken me 11 episodes out of 16 to care about the main character. I strongly support battered women and I’m sad that the show didn’t, to me, present stronger writing / acting to portray that.

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