Kevin Can F*** Himself – Season 2 Episode 1 – Worcester Massachusetts Scenes and References

Kevin Can F*** Himself - Season 2 Episode 1

You might recall that I was fairly disappointed with the end of Season 1 of Kevin Can F*** Himself. There were just so many gaping plot holes and issues. We had ended with Neil preparing to destroy Patti and Allison’s lives. Now to find out if they’re simply tossed in jail. Of course, that would make for a fairly boring TV show, so we know some bizarre plot twists lie ahead.

So, sure enough, Allison bashes Neil’s head in and they haul Neil down into Patti’s basement. They’re going to keep him hostage until … until they convince him not to say anything? Why would he do that? Is Allison going to just kill Neil, dice up the body, and toss it into the trash like Brian Walshe did just a few months ago only a few miles away? After all, they still haven’t found Ana Walshe’s body. How are they going to charge Brian without a body? We have to wait until April 4th to find out the next news in that saga.

In any case, apparently the two women have no plan at all. Patti goes out to breakfast with her girlfriend Tammi. Allison spends the day trying to sabotage Kevin’s political career but of course Allison makes a mess of it and instead makes him famous. Nick, the would-be assassin, is still in the hospital.

It is baffling how the police, who are trying to figure out why Nick broke into Allison’s house, haven’t even found her and Patti’s fingerprints all over Nick’s apartment. In talking with Nick’s co-workers, nobody mentions that they all hung out with Allison just a few days ago.

I realize the ‘surface layer’ of this is a sitcom with stupid plotlines, but the ‘underlayer’ is supposed to be a powerful drama about this emotionally abused woman. Instead it’s really just a barely-there underlayer of a slightly darker sitcom. There’s no real complexity to the characters or realism to the dialogue. There are SO many amazing movies and TV shows right now which tackle the issue of women in rough domestic situations. And then when I watch this, it just feels like it’s not putting in much effort. Patti is making fun of Allison’s mental state? People are brushing off that she’s suicidal? Allison barely cares that Diane is facing the breakdown of a multi-decade marriage, when Allison of all people should understand all the complicated emotions involved?

And in terms of Worcester, we got a mention of the Turtle Boy statue, but not much else.

Maybe things will deepen as we move forward …

The next episode is:

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