We Don’t Belong Here – Ralph’s Rock Diner – Worcester Massachusetts

We Don't Belong Here - Ralph's Rock Diner - Worcester Massachusetts

We Don’t Belong Here is a powerful movie about mental illness, family dynamics, hallucinations, dreams, what is real, and loyalty. Anton Yelchin gives a standout performance here as the brother struggling with many challenges.

The main character, Lily, has an early scene singing at an open mic at Ralph’s Diner. Ralph’s is a classic location in Worcester Massachusetts. It’s where many local college bands play their first gigs. The front area of Ralph’s is a classic traditional Worcester Lunch Car Diner. It was wonderful seeing Ralph’s get a moment in this film.

Here’s my video with more information about Ralph’s Diner –

I know that We Don’t Belong Here didn’t always get great reviews. The other actors in the movie aren’t necessarily up to Anton’s level of performance. But with that being said, the movie’s worth watching to see Anton, and it’s worth watching several times. It’s the kind of movie which is confusing on the first or second pass, but once you get the hang of what is real and what is a hallucination, it becomes quite powerful. I give the movie credit for attempting to tackle this issue.

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