Confess, Fletch – Scenes Filmed in Worcester Massachusetts

Confess Fletch filmed in Worcester Massachusetts

I adored the first Fletch movie. Confess, Fletch is a 2022 fresh take on the Fletch series, set in Boston, Massachusetts. Three of the scenes were filmed in Worcester, Massachusetts. All are “standing in” for locations in Boston.

First, the dead woman of the story was a Worcester artist. That’s sort of fun! Maybe she was part of the ArtsWorcester group or the Blackstone Valley Art Association.

We have a few scenes set at the Worcester police station which stands in for a Boston police station. That Worcester station’s brutalist architecture is pretty impressive.

Next, Fletch goes to a Boston newspaper office. It’s actually the Worcester Telegram & Gazette building – at least on the inside. I’m not quite sure where they did that establishing outside shot.

And thirdly, Fletch and his friend go to a local bar to have some drinks. The outside of this bar is also not in Worcester, but the inside was shot at Cicero’s Cafe. That’s a nice relaxing place to grab a beer.

Did you know that the author of the Fletch series, Gregory McDonald, was born in Shrewsbury?

I’ll be doing a separate video all about the art, since I love art and enjoyed all the references in this movie.

Let me know if you have any questions!

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