Kevin Can F*** Himself – Season 1 Episode 6 – Worcester Massachusetts Scenes and References

Kevin Can F*** Himself - Season 1 Episode 5

In Episode 6 of Kevin Can F*** Himself, supposedly set in Worcester, it seems as if we are drifting even further away from any attempts to have this show be in Worcester, Massachusetts.

We start with Patti and Allison hiring Nick (the drug guy) to off Kevin. OK, maybe some actual progress on that front.

Then it’s an extremely long, drawn out situation involving Kevin’s 36th birthday party. First Allison and Patti go to buy him a recliner. They go all the way out to Braintree to do so, but you know, maybe the Braintree store was having a sale. I don’t mind the ‘going a ways to buy furniture’ idea. That part is OK.

What happens next isn’t, though.

It’s one of those “everyone comes all together for chaos” scenes that sitcoms love. Kevin and Allison are supposedly having dinner at one of Worcester’s best restaurants. It’s an extremely aging New England style restaurant which could be a set. I couldn’t find any location for it. Worcester has a bunch of AMAZING restaurants so this one definitely doesn’t qualify even remotely as ‘best’ in Worcester.

In its basement is a bar area where Patti meets up with the Worcester cops. That is a real restaurant – the Common Markets in Quincy. And the Worcester cops are wearing cop jackets, so that could be called a reference to Worcester. The third location is a kid’s play place, and Worcester certainly has those, but I understand why they wouldn’t want to use a real location for this. It seems to be a set.

The only real Worcester types of references (besides the cop jackets) are Sean Avery from the New York Rangers is there, and we have Brian Scalabrine from the Celtics. The “White Mamba”. Both are with Kevin in his restaurant scenes.

And then they’re all back home, and that’s about it. I suppose Patti’s relationship with her detective inches along a little, but the rest is pretty much a waste of time. I’m still waiting to get ‘hooked’ on something interesting here. The scenes with Kevin are absolutely drivel as far as I’m concerned. I have zero interest in watching his selfish childhood behavior. The scenes with Allison would be slightly more engaging, except all she does is have sex with her boss and whine about things.

I’ll keep on watching for those Worcester references, though!

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