Kevin Can F*** Himself – Season 1 Episode 5 – Worcester Massachusetts Scenes and References

Kevin Can F*** Himself - Season 1 Episode 5 - Worcester Massachusetts

Episode 5 of Kevin Can F*** Himself at least has the characters going out and about doing things in “Worcester”. That’s a nice treat compared with episode 4 where the two women were off in Vermont the entire time while the two men were down in their basement the entire time.

I was VASTLY amused when Allison and Patti seem to be climate wizards. They left their house in Worcester midday in beautiful autumn weather, with yellow-orange leaves on the trees. They return home THAT SAME NIGHT and there is snow piled up on curbs, melting, and the trees have NO leaves. Somehow all the show has fallen, been shoveled, been plowed, and is already melting.

It turns out that their “extra” 2 hour jaunt after the gun fiasco didn’t get them oxy, but it’s ok, because Allison actually still has her oxy from the trucker. So mostly this episode is a will-she-won’t-she-poison-Kevin.

It’s baffling why Allison keeps going to the stuck-up expensive make-up place where she doesn’t like the products and doesn’t like the staff. She ends up buying something there for pretty much no reason. Also, it turns out this makeup shop is in Hingham!! That’s even further away than Brockton, which is where their houses are located!

We get some back-and-forth with Kurt, who wants to marry Patti but then in a few hours changes his mind completely. There’s a guy I do NOT want as a husband.

We get Nick the scammy drug-dealing car guy who, it turns out, has been stealing pills from his Aunt Cindy, who was a client of Patty’s. He’s now pressuring Patti into finding him more oxy. Also, the police lieutenant is harassing Patty.

One cool Worcester “sighting” – Neil is wearing an old-style Worcester Ice Cats jersey in the bar scene. Very cool!

Allison quits her job at the package store, because people there treat her like trash. She’s been there sixteen years? I thought you could get a job at a packie until you were 21. And she said that Kevin got her fired from her job as a paralegal. Just how old is Allison anyway? So anyway, she runs to Sam, sleeps with him, then he hires her to work for him. Iffy.

Allison gets Sam to make her a burger, planning to put the oxy into it and poison Kevin. Even worse, she repeatedly sets it up as if Allison was the one who brought the burger, and since Allison is already under suspicion and is known to be arguing with Kevin, Allison would be framed for murder! This is beyond selfish behavior on Allison’s part. As much as I wasn’t enjoying the brainless Kevin sections of this show, now I’m not even enjoying the Allison parts of the show.

Neil is wearing a mysterious shirt that says Colonial Da??? from Worcester. Normally I would have discounted it as a fake shirt but after the amazing job they did with the old Worcester Ice Cats jersey now I am having second thoughts. Maybe this Colonial shirt is also a real shirt? But from where?

Anyway, Allison chickens out and doesn’t poison Kevin. Maybe all of Patti’s concerns about “he might not actually die” did click. Allison gives Patti the oxy so Patti can try to at least temporarily get Nick off her case.

So … I don’t know. I was really happy about the Ice Cats jersey. That was a nice tough. But having the make-up location in Hingham … continuing to have that fake diner, when we have such amazing Worcester Lunch Car Diners here … having even the non-Kevin storyline become selfish and self-absorbed … it just doesn’t make for enjoyable watching for me.

But we shall see how things go!

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