Kevin Can F*** Himself – Season 1 Episode 4 – Worcester Massachusetts Scenes and References

Kevin Can F*** Himself - Season 1 Episode 4

I’ve complained over the past few episodes of Kevin Can F*** Himself about the nearly complete lack of any references to Worcester, Massachusetts in this show which supposedly is SET in Worcester. Kevin Can F*** Himself could have been shot on a sound stage.

Episode 4 was even worse, in that sense.

In this episode, Allison and Patty spend nearly their entire time up in Vermont, looking for drugs. Kevin and his pals spend nearly their entire time trapped in their basement. The possibilities for any ‘local’ scenes were pretty much nil.

Kevin was wearing a shirt about New England 3 / Atlanta 28 which references the amazing SuperBowl 51 comeback performance of the New England Patriots. Patti is wearing a shirt that says Eat, Sleep, Worcester, Repeat, which I’ve never seen in all my years in the Worcester area. And that’s it. That’s the extent of even a tiny effort to ‘set’ the show in Worcester.

In terms of show plot progress, it was also not very appealing to me. About half of the show was about Kevin’s inane Escape Room situation. I just have zero interest in watching ‘fake sitcom’ scenes with him. I am generally tempted to just fast-forward through them.

For the Patti-Allison scenes, there was the important tidbit that Detective Tammy Ridgeway enters more fully into Patti’s life. Tammy is investigating the whole drug deal situation. Then Patti and Allison head up north to Vermont to try to buy oxy. They fail, get a gun instead, and nearly get arrested because Kevin has reported his car stolen. The episode ends with Allison admitting to Patti that the oxy is going to be used to kill Kevin.

Even there, about half of the Patti-Allison scenes are ‘silly’ scenes about them trying ineffectively to buy drugs or dealing with jerky kids or so on. Only a small portion are about Patti and Allison actually talking, learning more about each other, and getting comfortable with each other. We learn that Patti’s father was a trucker and that her mom died. We learn they went to high school together but Allison never knew it. We learn that Allison’s father was a police officer.

So I keep on watching the show, and we’ll see how it does going forward. I would have thought the show would want to ‘hook’ me by now and make me really look forward to delving into this world.

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