Kevin Can F*** Himself – Season 1 Episode 2 – Worcester Massachusetts Scenes and References

Kevin Can F*** Himself - Season 1 Episode 2

OK, we’re now at Season 1, Episode 2 of Kevin Can F*** Himself. To get a recap of what this show is basically about, I have the link to my episode 1 intro at the bottom of this page. To summarize, Allison and Kevin have been married a while, in a classic dumb-male-makes-life-miserable-for-the-wife sitcom situation. Their house and life is supposedly in Worcester, Massachusetts. It was actually filmed quite far away to the east in Brockton. There isn’t a SINGLE shot – not even a filler glimpse!! – of anything actually in Worcester.

So in this episode, Allison idyllically dreams of having killed Kevin – but she can’t figure out HOW to do it. She goes to the Worcester Library to research options. I will mention here that I am an author and our Worcester Public Library is a MECCA of amazing options. It is stunningly beautiful, is welcoming to all, has great events, and is just so wonderful. So to see this sitcom/tragedy portray our library as a tiny run-down unwelcoming hole was incredibly disappointing.

I didn’t get into this part in the video, because the video was focused on the show’s references to Worcester as a location. However, I will mention there’s an interesting talk between the librarian and Allison here. Allison reveals her plans to kill her husband, in the wrapping of being an author. The library says something along the lines of “why doesn’t the wife simply leave.” And Alison makes up excuses about “Kevin would chase me” and “I don’t have savings.”

Now, I donate most of my book sales to battered women’s shelters, and strongly support Abby’s House in Worcester. Please keep shelters in your thoughts when you are able to donate money, resources, or time.

Abby’s House Worcester MA

So I want to be attentive here how I say this. I strongly feel that many women DO get trapped up in abusive situations and feel they cannot leave. And yes one can say Kevin is emotionally abusive. With all that being said, I think Allison could leave. She’s able to plan out buying oxy and killing her husband with it. She is quite capable of taking those dangerous steps. It really seems to come down to Allison feeling Kevin DESERVES to die.

I get that she doesn’t want to go through the hassle of divorce, to divvy up all their possessions. She doesn’t want to have to find a roommate to afford rent (rent in Worcester is VERY high) and to have to buy, afresh, the items she won’t have once the divorce is final. I’m divorced. I understand all the hurdles. But with all of that being said, millions of women DO get divorced and go through that to have a better future. Allison wants to kill off her husband to take the easy way out. Sure, she might have to get a roommate to pay the rent, but she’ll get to “keep all her stuff” and keep living in the same place. So she is prioritizing selfish easy needs over the life of a human being.

And even with this being a comedy (a tragic comedy?) I just find that very iffy. I guess I also find it a little flippant based on what real women are enduring. Could you call it an escapist fantasy? I still find it very icky.

So this is part of my reservation so far with this show. I really don’t like the long, mindless sitcom scenes. They feel very “stupid” to me and even while that’s sort of the point, it doesn’t make it any fun to have to sit through long stretches of stupidity just to get back to the “main story” – especially when the main story involves a selfish woman plotting to kill someone because she can’t be bothered to buy a new toaster once the divorce is final.

This is clearly just my opinion, and clearly other people adore the series. So I will wait to see if the characters and situations grow on me over time.

Anyway, back to the show. Allison tries to score dope from her doctor, who wisely tries to get her off that path. She gets a card from the receptionist to what Allison thinks is a therapist. Allison then tries to get oxy from a random guy she met before, but that guy instead hooks her up with a john looking for a prostitute, to harass Allison. In the meantime there’s an idiotic side-story about Kevin ordering a hoodie for lots of money, thinking the neighbors stole it, and a neighborhood war starting over it.

Allison goes to her friend Sam’s diner to rant to him, and he’s tired of being ranted at. Finally, Allison gives the therapist card a try. She realizes it’s actually for her neighbor Patty’s salon and that Patty is an oxy dealer. So Allison’s life is now all set. Allison can simply get oxy from Patty, kill off Kevin, and be happily ever after.

How in the world did Allison never know where Patty worked after living next door for years and years? Was it never once mentioned? Did Patty never once need a ride to work due to car troubles? It boggles the imagination.

Also, and this really bugs me a lot, they have an actual diner as a key location in this show and IT IS NOT A WORCESTER LUNCH CAR DINER when that is a key important part of Worcester!! I’ve written books about our Worcester Lunch Car Diners. The diners are absolutely amazing. They are an integral part of our history. And instead the show’s diner is a generic restaurant? It’s such a missed opportunity.

I do like that they have Patty wear a Ralph’s Diner t-shirt, and that they have signs up for Wormtown Brewery. So the show gets credit for that. But for them to only have those tiny references, and then mis-portray other scenes, is baffling. Worcester is such an amazing city. We have wonderful libraries and book stores. Why even set it in Worcester if they’re going to have it be about Brockton?

Anyway, here is the video on Kevin Can F*** Himself, Season 1, Episode 2. Ask with any questions!

Here’s the link to my coverage of the show in general, to understand why this show was made.

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