Lucky Dog / Sir Morgan’s Cove Near Destruction Worcester Massachusetts

Lucky Dog / Sir Morgan's Cove Near Destruction Worcester Massachusetts

Sadly, the historic building which housed the Lucky Dog / Sir Morgan’s Cove club is about to be destroyed. It only has weeks left to live. The entire block of buildings between Green Street, Plymouth Street, Gold Street, and Summit Street is going to be demolished.

They will be constructing a 7-story multi-use massive block-wide building here. The lower floors will be shops / restaurants while the upper floors will be apartments.

My boyfriend’s band played at the Lucky Dog several times. It was always an amazing experience. It’s sad to think it will soon be wholly gone.

In this video we begin at Quinsigamond Avenue, coming off of 146. We drive up to Southbridge / McGrath to get to Green Street. Then we drive a full loop around the to-be-demolished block twice, so you can get a good view of the remaining buildings there.

Separately we also did videos of Polar Park and of the historic Sherwood Diner while we were there.

I will try my best to get video of the actual final knocking-down of the Cove building, if they let people get close enough to see it.

Ask with any questions! And let me know what else you’d like me to record around Worcester.

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