Kelley Square Worcester Massachusetts Nov 2021

Kelley Square Worcester Massachusetts Nov 2021

Kelley Square in Worcester Massachusetts used to be a NIGHTMARE. I would actively refuse to drive into it. Seven roads all ‘crashed’ into this chaotic intersection with no lights and no sense of right of way. For many years Kelley Square was ranked the most dangerous intersection in Massachusetts. Then in 2010 the Mass DOT FINALLY revamped it with a peanut-shaped rotary. In this video, we drive through Kelley Square from multiple sides. The video was taken in November 2021.

The video begins on Route 146 North just as it enters Worcester, by the Walmart. We get onto Route 290 East and immediately come off at the Kelley Square exit. Then the fun begins.

Kelley Square had been a nightmare for decades, but they only finally decided to fix it when the new Polar Park baseball stadium was planned. As part of this overhaul, both Millbury Street and Harding Street (the south half) had their one-way directions switched. So that was also a bit of a “Learning Curve” for the locals.

Still, I am quite grateful they tried to fix this. It used to be terrifying to try to get through Kelley Square. I had friends who would say they just closed their eyes, drove straight, and hoped other people would get out of their way. It was madness.

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