Blackstone River Bikeway / Worcester Bike Trail

Blackstone River Bikeway

I had a wonderful time with Bob See walking on the Worcester Bike Trail / Blackstone River Bikeway yesterday. Autumn foliage is nearly complete here!

Did you get out and enjoying our beautiful world this weekend?

The Blackstone River Bikeway goes through Millbury and Worcester, where it is often called the Millbury Bike Path or Worcester Bikepath. There are three main entry points to this bikepath. One is across 146 from the Blackstone Valley Shoppes, on 122A. One is at Millbury Street. One is at McKeon Road by the Blackstone Valley Heritage Corridor visitor center.

The bike path is paved and fairly gentle. It goes along 146 for much of its run, and it also goes along train tracks, so it’s not always quiet. Still, there are ducks, beavers, and birds to see. With the parking lots at the beginning, middle, and end, there’s always an easy spot to get in and out.

This video starts at the middle parking lot on Millbury Street. First it heads about halfway down to McKeon Road then turns around. It goes back to that parking lot on Millbury Street. Then it goes about halfway down to 122A and turns around.

This path is beautiful at any time of year – there’s always new things to see. Highly recommended for a lovely walk!

Note that technically the Bikeway continues down into Rhode Island, but you have to go on actual street roads for much of that route.

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