Mid Town Mall Worcester Massachusetts – Mechanic Street

Mid Town Mall Worcester Massachusetts

The Mid Town Mall on Mechanic Street in Worcester, Massachusetts was once a Woolworth’s building, way back in the day. Then it morphed into a small mall operation, where a central hallway gave access to a number of small shops like gold/silver buyers.

Now they are talking about revitalizing it. That means the historical commission, which loves this unique facade, is up against the new owners, who want to get this building into modern, functional shape.

The Mid Town Mall is quite cool looking, and it was featured as a background in American Hustle for that reason! As much as the inside of it is an (ahem) dirty pit, it’d be nice if they could make the inside functional again while also keeping the outside lovely.

In this video I first drive down Main Street past the Worcester City Hall, turning right onto Mechanic Street. I then get out and take video of the Mid Town Mall from several angles.

Ask with any questions!

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