YouTube Analytics and Views Case Study – Worcester MA Info

YouTube Analytics and Views Case Study - Worcester MA Info

Learn more about how YouTube Analytics and Views work with an actual real-life case study of this Worcester MA Info channel. This channel has been live just since 2019. It has about 30 videos. Most of these videos are short walks around local attractions. There are also a few readings of Civil War letters, slideshows of local art shows, and so on. But by far the most popular videos are ones I made about locations where the Black Panther 2, American Hustle, Honest Thief, etc. were filmed.

How do new channels build? How useful is it to mix in “popular hashtag” videos with your normal content? What are some techniques for getting found? I cover those things and more.

Note that this is my 5th analytics video so I don’t go into as much detail about which button to press to get to which screen. If you haven’t used YouTube analytics before, I recommend starting from the beginning where I go very step-by-step through the analytics screens.

I run 14 different YouTube channels of different styles, sizes, and aims. I’ll be creating a case study for each channel, so you can get a sense of how different types of videos perform in YouTube.

Ask with any questions! If there’s a particular aspect of the analytics or view statistics you’d like me to cover in more detail, I can create a video specifically about that topic area.

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