Cristoforo Colombo Park / East Park Shrewsbury Street

Cristoforo Colombo Park / East Park Shrewsbury Street Worcester Massachusetts

Shrewsbury Street in Worcester, Massachusetts is home to a Cristoforo Colombo Park, also known as East Park. This beautiful park contains two playgrounds, a splash park, tennis courts, a baseball field, a softball field, a football field, basketball courts, and an outdoor amphitheater.

The park dates back to 1909 and was originally the Chandler Hill Park. The beautiful stone griffins at the entryway were brought here in 1916. They weren’t created for the park, though. They were once part of Worcester’s original Union Station, and when that structure came down, the griffins were relocated here.

There’s a great network of hiking trails which begin here. You can hike up the hill, over to Lake Quinsigamond, and even all the way out to Green Hill Park with its zoo and pond.

There’s street parking on Shrewsbury Street, as well as a back parking lot which is a bit easier to get in and out of. The park is right on a bus route.

Stop on by, go for a hike, and then grab dinner at one of the many restaurants on Shrewsbury Street!

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