Parson’s Cider Mill Park and Robert Goddard Memorial – Worcester Massachusetts Walking Trail

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Located right behind South High Community School on the border of Worcester and Leicester, Massachusetts is the historic land of the Parson’s Cider Mill. These 43 acres of pond, wood, and wetland now feature a walking trail.

Unfortunately, while most other trails in Worcester are gorgeous and well maintained, the Parson’s Cider Mill trail is in atrocious shape. The only sign we could find was wholly hidden behind deep undergrowth. The “bike racks” were also engulfed by bushes. The stone foundation of the Parson’s Cider Mill is full of broken glass, bottles, and other evidence of partying. The path itself is barely passable.

I find it distressing that parks in more affluent areas of town are in great shape while the park behind South High, which could easily be a beautiful walking trail featuring two ponds, has been left to decay into such a state.

Note that this map at the Greater Worcester Land Trust claims there are three parking areas. THERE IS NO PARKING. You have to wedge yourself into a spot on a residential street and then cross well-trafficked streets to get to the trails.

I took these videos on July 27, 2021. I’d love to hear from anybody if the trails get cleaned up after this date. I was quite disappointed. I’ll be contacting various organizations to see what is going on here.

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