Shrewsbury Author Showcase 2019

It’s the most amazing time of year! It’s the 2019 Shrewsbury Public Library Author Showcase! From 3-6pm on Thursday, June 20th, a bevy of talented authors will be on hand to discuss their books, sign autographed copies, and share their experiences on writing, editing, and publishing.

Every reader, author, and creative soul should put this event on their calendar! It’s an event not to be missed!

Here’s the list of authors attending this event. Please follow them on Amazon to stay up to date with their latest releases!

Nandini Bajpai


Born under the curse of Mars, brilliant and beautiful Leelavati, daughter of the famed astronomer Bhaskarya Acharya of Ujjayani, knows she can never wed.

But when her childhood playmate, the handsome and rich Rahul Nagarseth, returns from sea, their attraction is rekindled under stormy monsoon skies. 

Christine Beauchaine

On September 21, 1938 a hurricane charged up the East Coast of the United States. It made landfall without warning.

It devastated Long Island, New York and Southern New England.

Intertwined with the story of the storm is the story of Lilly and Richard. Lilly and Richard are a troubled young couple who need to lose one another in order to find each other.

Patty Cahill

Animals have been entwined with our lives since the earliest days of civilization. Many of the first cave drawings are of animals and how they interact with humans.

Dogs were loyal companions and protectors. Cats kept the home safe from mice and curled up on a lap after a long day of work.

Come share in this exploration of the many wondrous ways in which animals touch us all.

Irene Drabkin

Are you searching for simple, sustainable strategies for healing, health and happiness? Have you tried numerous diets and treatments only to be left:

Exhausted, confused and frustrated by the lack of results? Concerned about the side effects of prescription medications?

Are you looking for evidence of the power of Alternative and Integrative Medicine approaches that you can implement and share with your family and friends or with your patients and clients?

Linda DeFeudis

Once Upon a time in ‘Alphaland’ lived letter people.

Some were tall. These were the capital letters.

Some were short. These were the small letters. They all had very funny ways which they became known for. 

Come join us in a delightful tale where letters love to exercise, hold hands with their friends, and together form words to make learning to read fun!

Joyce Derenas

Nazaire Poulin, a grain grower from Quebec, wants his old life back, but the sudden death of his spouse and the removal of his children have flipped his world upside down. He can’t afford seed money for his coming summer crop. 

He is a man lost. His spouse is dead – His children are taken – His land is at risk 

What man wouldn’t fight for what is his? 

Anthony Garreffi

From first time author J. Anthony Garreffi comes a heartwarming, rhyming Christmas story with a companion sing-along-song about a 10-year-old boy who still believes in Santa and desperately wants to meet his hero.

On Christmas morning when he and his family get a visit from an uninvited guest with a long white beard, who looks a lot like the jolly guy in a red suit but sure isn’t acting like him, they must all decide what to do next.

Henry Grampietro

Take a trip back to the nostalgic fifties, when you could go to the movies for 25 cents and see a double feature. An innocent time when all we had to worry about was being home for five o’clock because supper was on the table.

A time when T.V. was clean yet still funny.

This is a look back at a simpler time. A time when mothers were home and dads went to work. A time that has long since passed.

Patience Hemenway

You possess great power to reclaim your peace no matter what circumstances come your way.

Each day presents a new opportunity to do better, to be more and to live more boldly than the day before.

Breathe with me as we go on a journey to discover your inner strength.

David T. Lee

Danny falls into a portal, meets his relatives and returns home again. This is the story of Danny Tom Ed, a portal and a lot of relatives. They come together when Danny slips and falls into a portal and meets his relatives.

This story also chronicles about a mystery rock later to be found a short cut for Danny to return home.

And you must read on to find how Danny, the portal and his relatives come together into their own lives.

Laura T. Lee

Fifteen-year-old Lily Claire isn’t a violent person. When she is taken from Earth to another planet known as the elfin world, she starts a war she cannot stop.

She will plunge into dangerous challenges, putting her life on the line along with many others. One misstep, and things go extremely wrong.

This story is about an ongoing fight against evil and taking risks to save lives.

Lois McAuliffe

Lois McAuliffe is Director of Children’s Services at the Ashland Public Library in Ashland, Mass. She lives in North Grafton with a roommate named Sara, a cat named Mistletoe and a guinea pig named Nugget.

Lois had fun researching the variety of animals in this story. This is her second picture book.

Her first book tells the story of a lazy hippo who is always accompanied by a white bird. See if you can spot Hugo and his bird in this story.

Laura Nelson

Hiraeth: A longing for a home that never was, or the grief for the lost places of your past.

The world of 3027 is extremely dangerous. The discovery of another realm, Somnus, has changed the balance of power and made nightfall perilous.

Anyone who doesn’t follow the curfew imposed by the Defense Against Somnus agency (DAS) finds themselves face to face with the demons of Somnus.

Ibi Obomanu

My Name is Anita – Not the Autistic Girl

Mrs. Breadison uses an opportunity of Jess’ curiosity and her unfriendliness towards Anita to instill empathy in her students.

She teaches them about the plight of students with autism.

Lily Penter

Early one September evening, fifteen-year-old Hank goes running through the woods in his small New England town, fearing his best friend Jane is in trouble.

When he stumbles down an embankment alongside the path, he finds far more than he was looking for…

Hank has been transported back in time to 1786, a time when tensions ran high in Massachusetts and rebellion, just three years after the end of American Revolution, seems inevitable.

Lou Pepi

In November 1969, what Time Magazine called the “largest battle of the year” took place less than two miles from the Vietnamese Demilitarized Zone.

Three companies of Task Force 1-61 met 2,000–3,000 North Vietnamese. American forces fought for two days, inflicting heavy casualties and suffering eight killed.

Late on November 12, it became evident that the American position could be overrun. Alpha Company was airlifted in darkness to reinforce a small hill in the jungle. Three hours later, well past midnight, the Americans were attacked by 1,500 NVA.

Dr. Kristen Poe

Healthy Heather and her magic fruits and vegetables.

Take a journey with Healthy Heather and her friends!

A book about kids nutrition, kindness and celebrating individuality.

Jane Nozzolillo

I’m the cutest little house in Grafton, maybe in the whole wide world.

I have a small porch, where the children can stand and look through the windows to see what is inside me.

Please come and visit me at the Mill Villages Park, 61 Main St, South Grafton, it will make me so happy.

April Jones Prince

It’s a busy day on the construction site, and these industrious mice are up to something big! But what are they working on?

Bold, colorful illustrations and recognizable vehicles with moving parts add to the fun, with hidden clues for the careful observer.

Is that red paint . . . or red sauce? Is that a construction pit . . . or a drain?

Sue Salvemini

Lots of books about developing leadership skills assume that the goal of the reader is to move on from their current position and into one with more supervisory responsibilities.

In Leadership By Choice, author Sue Salvemini encourages you to start putting her suggestions to work right now, in whatever capacity you currently work.

You can practice the seven key strategies she offers today, right where you are.

Lisa Shea

Morgan has become settled in her quiet life in Sutton, Massachusetts. Her peaceful morning yoga routine is assisted by her cat, Juliet. In the evening she guides her kayak across the placid surface of Lake Singletary. Everything is in its place.

When Morgan stumbles across a dead body in the shadowy depths of Sutton Woods, her stability is knocked askew. Jason, the ranger who comes to her aid, provides a steady rock of support. The death seems at first an accident, but Morgan knows in her heart that a delicate strut of life has fallen out of balance. 

Charles Smith

Operation: Enlighten! Learn the art of self protection through knowledge, instead of using your fists unless as a last resort. Operation: Enlighten has been developed to “enlighten” people on the dangers around them and to teach you how to protect yourself and the ones you love if they’re in danger.

I developed this knowledge through mixing Shaolin Kempo Karate and Ninjitsu forms of martial arts that you will never see mixed together and, used in training anywhere else. 

Raymond Tatten

In this his first collection, “AND ANOTHER THING just saying…,” E. Raymond Tatten offers thirty-five essays – stories with topics as recognizable and diverse as the childhood death of his prized pony, high school days, parenthood and now his new “senior discount” – even politics in “Two Bad Things” and childhood learning in “Finding Trouble.”

The essays are short bursts bubble up memories many of us recognize. Several readers have commented they started to read and finished in one setting. “The pieces like potato can’t do one.”

Matt Taylor

When Carol sees that the other monsters don’t like her because she’s the only one who receives presents from Santa (as she is the only monster who is “nice”), Carol pays Santa a visit. Santa encourages Carol to be the one to help turn the monsters around and get them on his nice list too.

Carol tries, but the other monsters just ignore her, inspiring her to take matters into her own hands. She begins secretly giving toys to the naughty monsters instead of continuing to try and turn them into nice ones. Despite her good intentions, will Carol’s actions go against Santa’s wishes and put her on the naughty list as well?

Dave Williams

A Dragon’s Tale is written by Dave Williams and illustrated by Rick Ames. It is currently only available directly from the author or at these three locations:

Rutland Pharmacy

Jefferson Jewelers

Lawton’s Optical World

All the fun happens on Thursday, June 20th, 2019 from 3-6pm at the Shrewsbury Public Library. 609 Main Street, Shrewsbury, MA 01545.

Mark your calendar and come on out!

This is part of the Summer Reading Kickoff event at the Shrewsbury library:

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