Civil War Letter – Dec 3 1861

Jane Richardson’s great-uncle Hiram Alexander Chambers was only 19 when he enlisted in the Massachusetts Civil War regiment. He served from July 1861 until September 17, 1862,when he was tragically killed at Antietam.

Hiram wrote this letter to his brother on December 3, 1861.

Camp Foster Dec 3rd

Poolesville Md

Dear Brother

Yours of Thu 24th is at hand so I will take a few minutes to answer the kind missive. It pleases me very much to have a letter from you dear brother and it is often I think of blessings that you are enjoying while I am away in the wilderness fighting that you may enjoy them whilst you live and if I live to return to those that I love that I may enjoy them also. And that we can say our country our whole country and our country every one the stars and stripes shall yet wave over the south as well as the north.

The old 15th has won a glorious name immortal in history and she means to keep it and her battle cry shall be remember Ball’s Bluff. Everything is about the same out here as it has been since the fight. I am glad to hear that you and Mason had a good time. You did very well to walk 41 miles in 18 hours. I have answered all your letters that you have sent. I sent one to you the 25 I believe it was in answer to the one before this you have got it quick.

I wish I had been there to help you eat that popcorn was it good. I have written to Ellen Palmer for I was afraid that I should get enough of war out here without having a war with the woman after I got home.

Why didn’t you remember what they had told you to write.

My love to Mother in return.

Vern Marilla says she has sent all the love and kisses before bully for her as to the quantity I shall not say myself you must ask her I wish I was there to skate too but you must be careful and not be careless. Tell Father I have two blankets 3 pr stockings 2 pr shoes and 1 pr boots tell him that G Sumner is about played out the rascal.

Tell Dolph I had turkey, goose, oysters, pies, cakes, tc. tc. We have to live in our tents yet. Now you blow about your picture I don’t believe it looks any better than the other one does.

Then you think that Worcester is as dull as an old farming place do you ha ha look out for your old self old fellow don’t get too deep in love with the dear creature give my love to her and tell her I am well. I should like to see her first rate. My love to all the folks and all inquiring friends. I am much obliged to you for them verses and wish you would send me papers why don’t you. Tell Father to write me. Good by much love to all and yourself.

From your loving brother


P.S. Tell the folks I should like to have them send a box with a pair of gloves a vest and some meat pies and cake. If they do tell them to direct it:

Hiram A. Chambers

Co C. 15th Regiment MA

Pooleseville MD

Vice of Adamstown

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