Worcester City Hall Fire & Ice Art Show

Bob See - Sutton Gazebo

Come on out to Worcester City Hall to enjoy the Fire & Ice art show! The opening reception is Friday, December 1, 2017 from 7-8pm.

Art Gallery / Basement Hallway (to garage)
Worcester City Hall
455 Main Street
Worcester, MA

The show runs from November 30, 2017 through February 2018.

The list of participants in the Worcester City Hall Fire & Ice Art Show are:

Bethany Emmi – Ice Bath
Bob See – Sutton Gazebo
Cathy Taylor – Frost
Cathy Taylor – Fire and Ice
Cheryl Rosen – Ice Claw
Cheryl Rosen – Cuddling Up By The Fire
Darya Kuruna
David Wackell
Dawn Naylor – Quenched Fire
Dawn Naylor – Icy, Icy, Night
Francisco Borges – Rivera Fire and Ice
Francisco Borges – Rivera Cups
Janet Schwartz – Brake Lights
Jason Travers
Jody Doherty – Steel Wool
Kisha Tracy – Blood Moon Eclipse
Leara Nicole Morris-Clark – Up In Flames
Leara Nicole Morris-Clark – Blazing Shades of Winter
Matt McKee – Ladon
Matt McKee – Rinjin II
Patricia Hegedus – Fire Water
Piya Samant – Fields of Fire
Priscilla Messinger – Fireworks
Priscilla Messinger – Tunnel Sparks
Stephen Shaw – Angel
Steve Davi – Alaska Glacier

If you’re an artist on this list and I haven’t linked to a page for you, please contact me to let me know where I should link to!

Note that most of these art items are photos for the basement gallery photo show. A few are paintings which are in nearby banks.

Here’s a virtual tour of the show, for those who can’t make it out in person!

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