Evening meditation time

November 28, 2017 Lisa Shea 0

Evening meditation time. I’m working on a new project to document the homes with candles in windows in my town. It’s such a lovely tradition […]

Happy Thanksgiving!

November 23, 2017 Lisa Shea 0

Happy Thanksgiving! My black kittens Zuzu and Felix are now 4 months old. I’m grateful they are in our lives & growing healthy and strong! […]

The Preening Peacock

November 20, 2017 Lisa Shea 0

Hurrah! I just put live the Audible version of Book 8 in my cozy zoo mystery series. The narrator for this series is absolutely amazing! […]

Meet Lisa Shea Author!

November 12, 2017 Lisa Shea 0

Meet Lisa Shea Author! Today Sunday 11/12/2017 from 3-5pm! Get all your writing questions answered! Come on out to the Grafton Common Art Gallery, One […]