happy St. Patrick’s Day, everyone!

Today I’m grateful for having visited Ireland several times & my Irish heritage. Bob took this photo on our first trip there, where we rented a car and drove all around the entire island. I’m also grateful for living in Irish-filled Massachusetts, where Bob was able to drive to a butcher shop right next to the Irish Hibernian Cultural Center (he used to play darts there) to get us some tasty corned beef for dinner :). Thank you, Bob, for making that effort – and happy St. Patrick’s Day, everyone!

We’ve had a large “window frame layout” picture frame that Bob bought us years ago, knowing it’d be cool for *some* project. For all those years we hadn’t found just the right image to use. I think we’re going to do this :). It’s the Irish stallion photo he took during our first trip there. The horse was just wandering in a field in Connemara.

Or heck maybe we should put one of our Bermuda snorkeling photos in the window-shaped frame :). That’d be a bit different!

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