Pow! Wow! Worcester Murals

Amazing! For the ten days from August 26th 2016 through September 4th ten artists from around the world descended on Worcester Massachusetts to paint murals. This was the beginning of the Worcester Pow! Wow! project, which continued for years after that.

These photos were taken by me on Tuesday, August 30th, 2016 when the 2016 mural set was about half-way done.

The artists for these murals are:

Two birds – Jon Allen & Sophy Tuttle
Bird flying – Arlin
Narrow woman – Christina Angelina
Stacked people – Marka27
Shapes – Morgan Blair
Flying bird – Rustam QBic
Girl with Snake – Sabek
Love You Marry Me – Tavar Zawacki (an actual marriage proposal to his girlfriend)
Red walls – Askew Onw
Blue rectangle – Imagine

For the full map of where these murals are located, visit:


They are all around central Worcester in the Main Street area.

Here’s a video version of these images, plus a video of the bird artist.

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