Lloyds Diner Framingham MA – Worcester Lunch Car

Lloyd’s Diner in Framingham, Massachusetts is Worcester Lunch Car #783. It was originally the Whit’s Diner located in Orange. Then it became the Orange Diner, then it moved here. The diner is now red and attached to a regular brick-and-mortar restaurant. My current pictures are from after dark – I’ll go back sometime soon to get daytime photos.





This image of the inside is a bit rough because of the flash. It has stools down the right, along the counter, and simply windows along the left. There are a few small booths in the far back.


The diner has been here in Framingham since 1990.

It is registered with the National Registry of Historical Places as number #03001243.

Note that there used to be a Facebook page for this diner but it was abandoned. If you know of a current official page for the diner please let me know!

Worcester Lunch Car Diners – main page

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