Parkway Diner Worcester MA – Worcester Lunch Car

The Parkway Diner in Worcester, Massachusetts is on Shrewsbury Street – and it’s right across the street from the Boulevard Diner, which is also a Worcester Lunch Car diner! Two only a few feet from each other!

The Parkway has been connected to a larger restaurant / sports bar and the front has been redecorated. So from the outside you might not guess it was a classic Worcester Lunch Car Diner.


Inside, though, it becomes clear. The above image was taken at night during a street photography shoot, but the rest were done during the daytime. You can see, across the street, where the Boulevard is!


Here’s a look at the gorgeous interior. Shiny red stools. A matching set of red stools on the window side – there are no booths here. The curved roof.


Very nicely cared for.


They only have this section open for breakfast hours.


The Parkway is Worcester Lunch Car Diner #670 and opened in 1936.

148 Shrewsbury Street
Worcester, Massachusetts

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